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April  13,  2019
Downriver race
It's not for softies!
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Türi-Tori Downriver Race takes place during the spring high water in Estonia on the River of Pärnu and is open for sportsmen as well as hobby paddlers in kayaks, canoes, rafts and all other vessels propelled by muscle power.
It is a run on high water with stretches of river where you either race forward, fly up in the air or swim in water, or, after a snowless winter, test your skills between stones in low water.
* You can choose between the 78 and 47 kilometres long routes
* The cut-off time for the longer route is 15 hours
* The 78 kilometres long route has five and 47 kilometres long routes three check points with timing
* On the longer route, there is one catering point at the 31st kilometre
* At the finishing point, all participants are offered hot sauna, catering and an afterparty
* All participants will be awarded a diploma, while the winners in each boat class of the longer route will be awarded a trophy and winners of the shorter route will be awarded a medal
* The main prize will be raffled out between all the participants.

NB!  According to the recreational water hiking classification the River of Pärnu as a whole belongs to the 1st category of difficulty (WW I, the easiest level), being feasible, even in high water, for everyone having passed the basic training and being able to steer a canoe or a kayak in the river.

It is also allowed to carry vessels past all the rapids and dams.


Date:          April 14, 2018
Routes:     47 km long route starting at Kurgja and 78 km route starting at Veskisilla, Türi-Alliku
Finish:        at the village of Tori (near Tori School) on the left bank of the river  

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It is best to follow important information before the race as well as see pictures about the race on our  Facebook wall. Click on "Like" at the first page and up-to-date information will be included in your news feed.

In 2018, the winners of the 78 km route of the 2017 downriver race will participate FREE OF CHARGE.

This offer is personal and does not apply to team-mates.

Transport back to the starting point

For those having no support teams, we offer transport back to the starting point.
Read more under Bed & Transport.

Boat rental

If you need a boat to enter the race, download the contacts of suppliers here (pdf)

If you need more information about the river or safety,

please read our article "How safe is Türi-Tori Downriver Race?" here (pdf).


Canoe (C) class vessels are characterised by the following:

1) competitors use canoe paddles;
2) the seats are not supported on the bottom of the vessel but are located higher, and paddler either kneels on the bottom of the boat or sits on a raised seat;
3) the vessel has no fitted steering system;
4) manufacturer specifies the vessel as a canoe or sells the vessels as a canoe.

RAFT class vessels

are inflatable, level bottomed vessels with no fitted steering system and the competitors use canoe paddles.
The maximum width/length ratio of the RAFT class vessels is 3. For example, when the width is 1 meter, the maximum length will be 3 meters.

If the organisers have valid ground to assume the vessels does not actually belong to the class it is registered in, they may see fit to list it in another class.



The Instructions Sheet describes the nature of the race, its rules and conditions.
All issues unregulated in the Instructions shall be solved by the organisers.
Instructions sheet (pdf)
Ohjeet (pdf)
Noradijumi (pdf)
Instrukcijos (pdf)
Инструкция (pdf)
Instrukcija (pdf)
Handbuch (pdf)


The link to accommodation information is changed. Please follow the new link here: accommodation in Tori area


The Safety Information Sheet deals with the dangers involved and their prevention and gives advice for minimizing risks.
Competitors shall receive their starting materials after they have handed in the signed Safety Information Sheet.
Print it out, sign and bring it to the start where it will be exchanged to your starting materials.

Safety instructions (pdf)
Turvallisuusohje (pdf)
Drošības informācijas (pdf)
Instrukcje dotyczące bezpieczeństwa (pdf)
Руководство по безопасности (pdf)
Saugos informacijos lapas (pdf)
Sicherheitsführung (pdf)


on the finishing site around the Tori School.
Here you can see the parking and traffic arrangement at Tori School.

Parking and traffic at finish (pdf)
Kaart Start Start47 Finish madalsild pais1 laupa jandja suurejoe vihtra kure joesuu tori_kare


STARTING point of the 78 km long route



Coordinates: 58.820131, 25.445305  
The starting point is located at Türi-Alliku next to the Veskisilla Hotel. As the river is relatively narrow, individual interval start is applied. There have been occasions where vessels have capsized right after the start when attemting to maneuver in rapid flow. Downstream the starting point the river is crooked and in case of extremely high water vessels move along flooded banks right between the trees and bushes.     


Kurgja Control Point.
Starting point of the 47 km route.



Coordinates:58.665082, 25.256335      
Kurgja Control Point, 31 kilometers downstream from the starting point, is located on the right bank next to the milldam. Catering is offered for competitors of the longer route and it also serves as the STARTING point for the shorter route. The majority of competitors choose to carry their boats round the milldam along the right bank while the more skilled competitors pass through the dam. Suurejõe Control Point is 13 kilometers downstream.





Finish paikneb jõevasakul kaldal RMK Taali kontori all. Tori -Pärnu maanteelt näitab viit "RMK Taali kontor". Torist on maanteed mööda finishini ca 2,5 km. Finishist suunduvad võistlejad mööda viitadega märgistatud rada Klaara-Manni Puhkemajja.     





Coordinates:  58.477639, 24.797419
The finish is located at Tori on the left bank of the river next to the school (Tori Põhikool),  by road some 1.5 kilometres from the Tori bridge and church.
From the finishing point, competitors head along a marked path to Tori schoolhouse to have a shower, change clothes and have a meal.  The award ceremony as well as the raffle is also going to take place at the schoolhouse.     


Low bridge!



Coordinates: 58.801705, 25.436935
After having passed under two roadbridges there are the remains of a very low old railway bridge crossing the river. Depending on the water level you either lie low in the vessel and try to pass under it or you play safe by carrying your boat round the bridge.     


A 0.5 meter drop



Coordinates:  58.792772, 25.423100
A little farther from the low bridge there is a site of an old dam forming a small drop.  During high water, it is easily passable along the right branch of the river.  Capsizing has occurred when boats have tried to pass through the relatively narrow passage at the same time.  Be prepared for some turbulence and spashing water!     


Laupa milldam rapid



Coordinates: 58.762469, 25.368898
Ten kilometers from the starting point, there is the Laupa milldam rapid offering high waves and high emotions. The rapid is rather narrow and capsizing has occurred when competitors have tried to pass throught the rapid all at once. The first Control Point at Jändja is 4 kilometers downstream.
Watch photos here


Jändja Control Point and milldam



Coordinates: 58.753402, 25.321620
14 kilometers from the starting point there is the Jändja Control Point located on the left bank right before the milldam. Braver competitors venture down the dam risking capsizing while those playing safe carry their boats round the dam along the left bank.The next control point at Kurgja offering catering is 17 kilometers downstream.  
Watch video here     


Suurejõe Control Point and milldam rapid



Coordinates:  58.616707, 25.102107
Suurejõe Control Point, 13 kilometers downstream from Kurgja, is located on the left bank right before the road bridge. 50 meters downstream the bridge there are the remains of the old milldam now forming a rapid. During high water, the flow is fast and powerful there and, depending on the actual water level, capsizing or even vessel damage is possible.     


Vihtra milldam rapid



Coordinates: 58.587280, 25.019295
Some 7 kilometers downstream from Suurejõe there is the Vihtra roadbridge; another 400 meters downstream there is a suspension bridge; and yet another 200 meters downstream there is the Vihtra milldam rapid. As a rule, it is best to pass through the rapid alongside the right bank and when doing so the rapid should not be challenging. Nevertheless, you should be careful as the flow is fast and turbulent and capsizing has occurred.     


Kure Control Point



Coordinates: 58.551263, 24.945554
Kure Control Point, 15 kilometers downstream from Suurejõe, is located on the right bank at Kure hiking campsite, some 50 meters from the main road. Access by car only along the Tori-Massu road on the right bank. The nearest bridges for crossing are at Tori and Vihtra.In summer, the campsite is the starting and finishing point as well as the overnight stopping point for canoers served by www.loodusmatkad.ee     


Jõesuu Control Point



Coordinates: 58.495816, 24.889652
Jõesuu Control Point, 8 kilometers downstream from Kure Control Point, is located on the right bank some 800 meters downstream from the Jõesuu suspension bridge. Before reaching the control point there is the almost a kilometer long Jõesuu rapid with a overall drop of 1.9 meters. During high water, most of the rocks are covered by water and competitors only have to cope with fast current. Access by car along the Tori-Massu road on the right bank. The nearest bridges for crossing are at Tori and Vihtra as the Jõesuu suspension bridge is for pedestrians only. The finishing line is 11 kilometers away.     


Tori Virula milldam rapid



Coordinates: 58.478153, 24.799583
Approximately 1 kilometer downstream from the Tori roadbridge and the church beside it, there is the rapid with a considerable overall drop. Right after the drop, the riverbed becomes narrower which means that, depending on the water level, competitors are faced with an especially fast current (high water level) or a fast current, considerable waves and big rocks as well (low water level). The best passage is at one third from the right bank. The finish is approximately  100 meters away.     


Map of the race



The Türi-Tori Downriver Race is an event organised during the spring high water period on the River of Pärnu. The difference in elevation between the starting and finishing point of the 78 kilometres long route is 50 meters.
The route usually takes 6 to10 hours to pass depending on the water level and the flow as well as the vessel. The map introduces some of the sites important for competitors and interesting for on-lookers. In spring, most of the rapids offering excitement only at low water level are under water and have therefore been left out.

Find out more by running your mouse over the coloured dots.


Accommodation & Transport

Cheapest accommodation at the starting point

is offered on the floor of the Türi Town Gym at Kalevi Street 9, coordinates  58.814835, 25.4060883 .if you bring your own roll mats and sleeping bags (3 euros per person payable on the spot).
Closest accommodation to the starting point is at Veskisilla Hotel:  www.veskisilla.ee
Camping on the Veskisilla Hotel territory is free of charge
Other accommodation at the town of Türi see here: accommodation in Türi

Cheapest accommodation at the finishing point

is offered on the floor of the Tori School if you bring your own roll mats and sleeping bags (5 euros per person, payable on the spot).
Other accommodation at Tori see here: accommodation in Tori area

If you need transport from the finishing point back to the starting point,

please indicate the number of persons upon registration and we will get you and your boat to Veskisilla. Transfer costs 12 euros per person and is payable together with the entering fee.


The following prizes will be raffled out between all the participants:

A fast touring canoe Reveil

from one of the leading canoe manufacturer in Estonia, Primatek OÜ


A meat/fish smoker

from the manufacturer of metal products, Skamet OÜ

NEW greenland paddle ISIGAA BONE EDGE

will be raffled out by EastPole OÜ between all K1 paddlers.

Smaller prizes will also be raffled out between participants.
Prizes will be raffled out three hours after the first team has finished.


Results from:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Overview of the results throughout the years click the link!


The Riverwolf Club is a virtual club for those brave men and women who have participated in the Türi-Tori Marathon for at least five times.
So when you happen to cross paths with someone in a yellow T-shirt with a Wolf Club emblem on it, you can be sure that the person is among the most experienced paddlers of the Türi-Tori Marathon.
That person has repeatedly defied the early spring chills and enjoyed paddling on the fast and turbulent river that has just cast its icy covers by participating in the most demanding paddling marathon in Estonia that is not feasible for everyone.

With the Riverwolf Club T-shirt and emblem the organisers pay tribute to the most enthusiastic and experienced participants of the Türi-Tori Paddling Marathon.
The Riverwolf Club members get  this T-shirt for free.
We kindly ask those of you participating at the Marathon for the fifth time to forward your T-shirt size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) by filling up the form under Contacts.
Information on participation can be found under RESULTS.




The Türi-Tori Downriver Race is organised by non-profit organisation,  

Address: Kure talu, Kullimaa küla, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald 87611, Pärnumaa
Tel.:    +372 52 51 113
e-post:  tyritori @ tyritori.ee
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If you have any questions or comments,  please contact us by filling up the form.  We will be happy to hear from you.

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